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Having a broad musical taste it is no surprise that 2 Man Riot's productions cross some genre boundaries. Influenced by Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Big Room and Psy, our tracks aim to move you both physically and emotionally.

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Tips & Tricks blog

2 Man Riot is very much about doing things yourself. Whether it is music production, mixing and mastering or even building your own gear; doing it yourself is fun and fulfilling! If you want to do it yourself, but are also interested in how we do it, then this section is for you:

The content includes track walkthroughs, tips on how to optimize your Ableton Live DAW workflow, tricks with plugins and our signature "quick master chain" which you can use to beef up your demo before you send it out to your favorite music label!

You will also find a virtual tour of the studio including all the hardware, synthesizers and outboard gear we use, especially our hand-built DIY gear. We'll also show how we built the acoustic treatment of the studio on a tight budget and designed and built the bespoke studio desk.


Check out our latest release:

Bombario - Sequi Somnia (2 Man Riot Remix)

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Tour dates

You can find us performing (our dance moves) at the following events:

11 February Friends4Trance Almere, The Netherlands SOLD OUT!
25 February Birthday bash Haarlem, The Netherlands SOLD OUT!
4 March A State of Trance Festival Utrecht, The Netherlands SOLD OUT!
13 May Masters of Trance Classics Bloemendaal, The Netherlands BUY TICKETS



2 Man Riot is an electronic music group that was founded in the summer of 2021 by Alex Span and Rutger Steenbergen. The group quickly made a name for themselves with the release of their debut track "Iridescense" on Elpida Music, an imprint of Black Hole Recordings. The track received global support from well-known DJs such as Daniel Wanrooy, Artento Divini, H.X.E., and Suzanne Chesterton, and helped establish 2 Man Riot as a rising force in the electronic music scene.

In 2022, Rutger decided to focus on his solo projects, De Facto and Bombario, but continues to play a role behind the scenes in 2 Man Riot. Despite this change, 2 Man Riot has continued to produce top quality music that has been highly regarded in the industry. Their remixes of tracks by H.X.E. and By Xavier have received rave reviews from the original artists, further cementing their reputation as talented producers.

2 Man Riot's music is known for its unique blend of melodic and energetic elements, featuring driving beats, soaring synths and emotive vocals. Their live shows are also known to be high energy and engaging, with the duo skillfully mixing and blending their tracks to create an immersive experience for their audience.

2 Man Riot's music is a must-listen for fans of electronic music and for those who are looking for something fresh and exciting. With a growing fanbase and a steady stream of new music, 2 Man Riot is a group to watch in the coming years.


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